About Putman and Robin

The Story of Putman and Robin

My name is Tony Putman and this is my story of Bob the robin and Vixen the fox.

Bob the robin

Bob appeared in October 2019. He was perched in the plum tree which has been the territory of many robins I have photographed over the years. Bob is the only robin to return after raising his young during the spring (none of my other seven robins returned). During the summer months there’s plenty of food and generally I don’t really see robins during these months as they tend to stay hidden, especially during the moulting season. Bob did disappear for about a month or so, and then to my surprise he returned! “When a robin appears a loved one is near” the saying goes. Bob’s timing couldn’t have been any better. Bob has stayed and he has also re established his territory from last year. He is still with me today.

I have recorded 3 episodes of Bob the Robin Documentary – Along Came Bob.

Episode one:

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Vixen the fox

I got to know Vixen during 2020. She quickly learnt to trust me. I have a distinctive call I use so she knows it’s me. I enjoy watching, studying and photographing her. She is a wild animal and I completely respect that. She is incredibly intelligent and more than capable of looking after herself, just as Bob the robin is.

The photography skills grew alongside my care for robins and all animals. I just wanted to share them with the world. Look at these amazing animals we have in our gardens!

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